8+ Dashboards to show business stats

WHASOSL also provided 8+ dahsboards with comprehensive summaries related business, for taken more steps to improve your business

Auto Migrator

Builtin WHMCS to WHASOLS migrator within minutes and without any issues, WHASOLS team also provide help in migration to our clients.

Live Chat

Builtin Live chat system will provide help to grow your business and resolve the customers issues at the time.

Messaging System

Builtin Messaging system which will help you to send different types of notifications to your team and customers.

Financial Accounts

Builtin Financial Accounting system. which help to determin the business progress, profit, expenses and losses and also provide the comprehensive reports as General Ledgers, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statements and many more features

Registrar Prices Sync

Easy to Sync Registrars prices manually and automatically based on given margin percentage.

WHASOLS provides the facility to update domain registrars prices automatically using builtin cron jobs each day and user can update/sync prices manually through domain prices page.

Prepaid Cards/Vouchers

Domains Prepaid cards/Vouchers System will be renew domains automatically based on certain required parameters and marked the prepaid cards/vouchers automatically as sold with comprehensive prepaid cards/vouchers usage report in WHASOLS

Hook System Improvements

Easier exclusion of hook files from active inclusion

A new convenience function for developers means hook files and methods can now be excluded from execution simply by prefixing their name or method name with an underscore (_).