Web Hosting

Let whasols take the hassle out of your web hosting business. With whasols, common tasks are automated and hassle free.

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Account Provisioning

Automated Provisioning & Management

Create, Suspend, Modify, Renew, Change Password and terminate accounts across your fleet

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Single Sign-On

Services on Single Login

Give customers a single login for access to all their services.

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Upgrades Downgrades

Ondemand Upgrades Downgrades

Automatically upgrade or downgrade web hosting accounts on clients demand.

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Password Resets

Account Change Password

Allow customers to manage all aspects of their web hosting from the client portal

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Domain Resolver

Check Domain Pointing

Automatically and manually detect domains that have been removed from your nameservers

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Usage Statistics

Usage Statistics Updation

Disk and Bandwidth Usage imported daily with support for usage based billing

Choice of Order Forms

Choose from a wide range of different order form styles to showcase your products

Integrated with all leading control panels and service providers