WHASOLS is the smart billing automation platform powering tens of thousands of web hosting companies.

Our objective is to simplify and automate all operational aspects for web hosting companies. Handling everything from client registration to provisioning, management and support, whasols provides a single centralized platform to manage your web hosting business making everyday tasks come faster. more simpler and more efficient.
Muhammad Khawar, CEO of WHASOLS
WHASOLS journey start from back in 2021, when as the owner of a web hosting business himself, Muhammad Khawar, our founder and CEO, embarked on a mission to make something better.
WHASOLS was created with the aim of being a one stop solution, offering client management, recurring billing and integrated support tools in a single centralized platform that made everyday tasks quicker, easier, and more efficient.
Specialising in web hosting and digital services, since 2017, we have been enabling web hosting companies to automate more of their operations, reduce costs and deliver a better experience to their end users thanks to our integrated platform.